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Ultrasound for Anaesthetists Workshops
Post-Attendance Evaluation Form
Please ensure that you are not providing any information which can identify a particular patient so that there is no breach of patient confidentiality.
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  I was using ultrasound (prior to attending the workshop) for:
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 The workshop helped me in improving my competencies:
 The course explained the theory of using ultrasound guidance:
The course gave me good hands-on scan experience of using ultrasound for anaesthetics:
 The use of ultrasound for anaesthetics is clearer to me now:
 The course improved my ultrasound guided techniques:
 Use of ultrasound in anaesthetics will enhance patient’s safety:
 Use of ultrasound will enhance the quality of anaesthetic procedures:
 There is a need for formal certification/ examination for use of ultrasound in anaesthetics:

 It is necessary to have some sort of guidelines regarding the training and use of ultrasound in anaesthesia:

 I am aware of guidance re use of ultrasound in anaesthesia which are available on: (maximum 600 characters)
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(Please provide reference, where you have seen these guidelines)


 The most important thing learned on the course was: (maximum 600 characters)

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